The Black Octagon and other occult symbols of the Old World


“The Black Octagon enters recorded history sometime around the year 100. It was first speculated about by the pre-eminent and highly eccentric Volsta Tonis-Douth, high professor of Alchemy at the university of Atrappan, in Gothia. The Octagon and further musings in its’ nature were written in his most infamous work, the mythic “Book of Douth”.

It is recorded that Douth himself underwent massive changes during the period of time in which he is presumed to have been investigating the vast and forbidden subject matter of the book. This subject matter being the machinations of the god, Tyboern (also known as Tybern or Tyberon and in the Drannelock as simply “Tyb”). Tyboern, as said in the Holy Tale of Tridder, was the younger brother of the, at that time, king of the Gods and all of Heaven, Birre. Tyboern was deemed by his father, the endless darkness of space, as “Defender of Golgothar” (Golgothar being the Gothic word for “Heaven”, Gothic being the first language in which the Tale was spoken), while his brother Birre was given the throne.

Tyboern would defend Golgothar for “a time without end” against the “All-Evils”. The power he possessed was so vast and destructive that it is said his blade, Thol, could cleave through space and time.

The endless war in which he served was the principle factor that caused his betrayal and eventual genocide of the Gods. As he killed their enemies, Birre and the other Gods lounged (in fact, each God was given a task that they were to perform for all time. They did not “lounge”), and one day, Tyb would have no more. He ventured deep into the dark edges of space and encountered there the greatest of the All-Evils, Arboeth – The Adversary .

Tyb told Arboeth that if he leant his help against the Gods, the Evils could have Heaven as their home at last, provided that he ruled over them as king. Arboeth agreed, drawing all the other Evils towards it, fusing to become the Star Serpent, Gittmer.

Tyboern rode Gittmer’s back into the plains of Golgothar itself and unleashed a dreaded storm of fire from Thol. The events know as the War in Heaven occur, Birre is killed by his brother and Birre’s daughter,  Tridder defeats Tyboern at the heights of the Thundering Palisade.  She would be the last remaining God alive, and would use all of her great strength to ensure that all the Gods’ tasks were completed).

Tyb was imprisoned within the Daef Akras, Gothic for “Place at the Edges”. There he is strapped to a great, burning iron chair, to await the end of all things.

Douth would write long essays near the end of his life (and the end of his sanity) proclaiming his admiration and love for Tyberon, seeing himself as one of his messangers.

He would write:
‘Lo’ sat upon his Throne of Pain
the Dark King e’er restrained.
Cursed to withstand the stars’ plea,
an eternal age of misery 
cast down thine dreadful gaze
and light the mortal world ablaze.
O’ Dark King, thy will be freed
to wreak thine havoc as agreed.
O’ Dark King, thy will be freed
and once again all shall bleed.’
 – Solm Hesta, The Darkness Bound

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