Working on “Pawns” – Screen-writing

Over the past 9 or so months I’ve been working closely with the Renz Film Project team, in particular the director, my sister, Gabrielle Ortega to write the screenplay/script for the short film. It’s been both a learning experience and a massive raise in my self-worth, or rather, a raise in my self-confidence in writing.


Check out the film website here!


It’s a film about many thing, and I’d do it an injustice trying to explain it, but the site is there for a reason and if you’re interested, there’s at least a few hours worth of images and text for you to experience and learn all about the planet Renz and its’ poor, sad inhabitants.

The part were I fit in, more than any other part, is in the “script read” area.

Most of the scenes are present, however there are a few yet unfinished.

Here’s an excerpt from one of the first scenes in the movie where two characters are introduced and the atmosphere that exists throughout the story is set.



At the center of a village the silhouette of a short figure

stands before a long, harrowing flight of stairs. At the end

of the crisscrossing stairs sits a hovel consisting of

three structures stacked together. The silhouette is of an

anthro-porcine child. A Haasling with a pot-belly, a stocky

neck and muscular arms.


ANOUK, twelve maybe eleven, gazes upwards at the long walk

before him as the natural walls of the village stab high

into the stars. His large eyes are dewy and sore from

weeping. He rubs at his wrists, raw from being bound, and

frowns as a recent memory continues to irk him.


The Haasling steps forward, and up the long flight of poorly

fashioned stairs made from a dark-brown lumber with twigs

and reeds fastened inside for extra stability. As Anouk

finally reaches the entrance to the great hut, he is met by

a large hide curtain crafted from many different leathers.


Anouk moves the curtain aside and steps in.




Anouk is inside the den, stepping lightly and looking about

the shadowy interior. In the middle of the hut sits a small

lime-green fire pit lined with pale, spherical rocks. It crackles warmly but somehow the fire hasn’t the strength to burn away the darkness permeating the hut. He steps in and creeps slowly, clearly he’s nervous.



Two small skinned-corpses of unknown origin hang from the

upper support beams of the hut, they both seem to bare some

kind of physical deformity, as if the dweller of the hut is

drawn to the mutates and freaks of the species. Anouk sees

something round and soft within the shadows, he moves closer

and begins to poke it.



KASBIL grunts loudly as he awakens, throwing over an old

clay bowl. It smacks the floor resonantly!



Anouk whimpers as he starts, backing away quickly and hiding

behind a clay pot that features many differing visages of

Abaddon as Kasbil leans forward and comes into the light and








                    KASBIL (O.S)

               (His voice comes across as

               raspy and aged very poorly –

               Irritated, he was awoken by

               Anouk. He grumbles as he

               inspects Anouk peering over

               the pot.)


          You’re the little shit that’s been

          causing the troubles? Come. Step

          before me.


Anouk wishes not to look upon the disfigured mass that is

the Grand Boar. He begins to cautiously walk towards Kasbil,

stopping just shy of his reach. Anouk stares at the decrepit

floor boards.


Kasbil seems old, so very old, and rendered frail by time

and the cruelty of the jungle.


He leisurely leans forward to a seated position. Moving his

body from a soft cushion that forms part of a large daybed

held into place by wires reaching from the ceiling. Many

more wires extend throughout the ceiling, all pointing in

different directions.


Anouk finds his eyes wandering towards the old haas’ legs.

Both having undergone amputations – one above the knee, the

other, halfway up his thigh. Due to the fact that he’s

unable to walk, the wires around his hut serve as his main

source of transportation.


Kasbil’s body is covered with bones pierced through his

nipples and upper stomach regions. He wears a skull around

his neck – the only one like it in his hut – his most valued

treasure. He has many tattoos on his old saggy flesh but one

stuck out amongst the others, a third eye tattooed on his

forehead. The eye of Sa’dah, which represented a 6th sense,

it was only tattooed on those who where said to possess the

ability to tell the future and heal wounds.


Kasbil was the village’s sage and medicine-man, wise and

wicked in equal parts. Declaring himself their leader, the

eldest male – chosen of Abaddon – the Grand Boar.



               Yes. The others have told me.

               Anouk… is your name.


Anouk remains silent.







               (Sternly, but lacking any kind


          You are old enough now to

          understand the Ways, Anouk. The

          stores must be carefully

          maintained, just as our Lord



There is a pause.

          Why did you take what was not yours?



          (He seems afraid to stare at one

          spot on Kasbil’s body for too long

          – Softly, but with a hint of



Sancid was hungry… He hadn’t eaten in a week. He is the

youngest of us, and he’s…



         It is not your job to feed your



The fire erupts!



Hopefully you enjoyed that, the rest is on the site!



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